Unveil Divine Blessings Through Healthier Living

Unveil Divine Blessings
Through Healthier Living

A Journey of Holistic Healing and Spiritual Wellness

Ni’mah Health intertwines the principles of health and spirituality to offer a unique path to wellness.

“My mission is to guide you through a journey of self-discovery and wellness, helping you to unlock the full potential of your health and unveil every Ni’mah of life.”

Shaista Bhimji,
Founder & ACE Certified Health Coach

Integrating holistic health with spiritual practices for your mental and physical wellness.
God-centric and faith-based approach to health and wellbeing grounded in Islamic wisdom.
Aiding individuals in uncovering their intrinsic motivations for lasting health improvements.

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Harmonizing your mind, body, and soul

At Ni’mah Health, we believe that true wellness begins with spiritual harmony. Our coaching and classes are infused with spiritual teachings, helping you find balance and inner peace on your health journey.


Nourishing your body with Godly intention

We view nutrition as a cornerstone of health, deeply connected to our spiritual and physical well-being. Our guides and personalized coaching plans focus on wholesome, mindful eating aligned with Islamic dietary principles.


Embracing physical wellness for vitality

Movement is more than exercise; it’s a celebration of the body’s capabilities as a Ni’mah from Allah. Our classes and coaching sessions incorporate physical activities that are enjoyable, and in tune with your body’s needs.

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Core Benefits
Personalized 1-1 health coaching
Holistic approach to wellness
Balancing health with spirituality