Success Stories

Explore the heartfelt testimonials from those who have embarked on their wellness journey with Ni’mah Health. Each story is a testament to the transformative power of our holistic approach, combining spirituality, nutrition, and movement.

These stories not only reflect personal triumphs and milestones but also illustrate the deep impact of our dedicated coaching and the profound connection between health and faith.

I discovered Ni’mah Health on Instagram and decided to invest in my health with Shaista’s 1:1 coaching. She provided personalized advice for managing PCOS and thyroid issues, helped me understand the importance of self-love and self-care in my faith, and guided me towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The best part is working with a fellow Muslim woman who understands my background.

Mubashira L

Shaista taught me that good health is more than just working out. In just three months, she helped me balance food and exercise, leading to a significant drop in my cholesterol levels. I’ve never felt better!

David R

Thank you, Shaista, for the yoga and meditation sessions. They’re always worth the effort, leaving me feeling absolutely great. I appreciate these sessions a lot!

Saj K

Our family coaching sessions with Shaista were invaluable. Even while pregnant, she encouraged me to maintain good habits. Her recommendations for vitamins and snacks have given me so much more energy and helped our family eat better and connect more with God.

Brittany G

After working with Shaista, I’ve lost 22.8lbs and improved my A1C levels. Her spiritual coaching helped me find my self-worth and the drive to keep going, even when it’s tough. I’ve learned not to give up because I am a servant to Sayeda Zahra (AS), and Shaista has been instrumental in this journey.

Zainab Y

Shaista’s ‘Jump Start Your Health’ series was eye-opening. Since we last worked together, I’ve lost 16 pounds. She always teaches me something new, and I’m motivated to level up my health journey.

Zahra F

Today’s yoga and meditation session was incredible. It brought me peace and showed me the significant impact of yoga on my well-being. I’ll definitely continue these sessions!

Shannon P

Working with Shaista changed my perspective on food and health. She helped me move beyond the keto diet and confusing online resources, offering sustainable solutions and a non-judgmental approach to my health goals. Shaista’s guidance is the best decision for anyone confused about fitting healthy food and exercise into their life.

Aliya S

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Personalized 1-1 health coaching
Holistic approach to wellness
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